The Art Exhibition "The Order and the Chaos" took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was composed by a reunion of 40 paintings, produced by the artist during a period of 25 years of continuous art activities. From his point of view, he was exposing "visions that are reflections of mental universes constructed by the continuous act of seeing, with all perceptions opened to the emotional and spiritual. In the composition of our whole visually perceptible world, the impressions that touch us directly, in a conscious way or not, reverberate in our different minds as a reflection of all the material world that surrounds us, where colors, forms and structures become agglutinated and mixed, in multiple fractals, sometimes appearing in perfect order and in other occasions in an apparent disorder."

"In fact, in this extraordinary complexity that surrounds us, there is the most absolute coherence and there is a constant presence of a situation of chaos perfectly organized."