In the Universe, nothing is up or down.

Nevertheless, in a determined period of history, the maps, produced by the north hemisphere nations, imposed to us all, throughout centuries, a cultural vision of their superiority, using graphic distortions, presenting their countries bigger than they authentically are, contrasting with countries in south hemisphere smaller then they really are.

The central thesis of this art exhibition is the questioning of this cultural concept, rooted in the whole mankind.

First of all, it's a conceptual art exposition, where plastic and technological means of expression used are, surely, a visual and mental support to establish basis to deeper considerations.

What will be seen and analyzed in this exhibition is the reflection in the collective unconscious of the human presence in space, where all the visual and philosophical concepts were hardly reached (although not totally realized), for the core of many of our philosophies, mainly those with political or religious nature, have as one of their most remarkable pillars, the vision of a world where the high and low, and, consequently, the idea of superior and inferior has notorious importance, with their hierarchies, social positions, heavens and hells.

Trekking to outer space, without the limitations of our earthly vision, will certainly produce a new kind of man. There will be an analogous reflection in the human mind such as the revolution caused by the vision of a spherical world, when the concept of a flat world was, once and for all, buried.

Turning on, symbolically, the world up side down, renewed reflections will be induced.

We are all still immersed in the cultural and historical context in the end of this century, feeling the shock represented by continuous global changes, in the fields of politics, economy, and social environments, in a so fast way, without any parallel with any other known period of mankind history.

Therefore, we don't have yet full conditions to analyze deeply (and also without biases) the impact of man's journey to space and understand completely the effects over the colective and individual psychisms of this adventure, not only because we are the participant subject of this mutant process, as also, mainly, by knowing that its effects will be extremely notorious in the upcoming and future years.

At any rate, deep changes in mankind will certainly be perceptible, as existed and established archetypes among populations will be destroyed and renewed, where nothing is up or down, and so, any country is spiritually superior or inferior in the presence of another, but different in their multiples ways of vital expression.

In this world each time more interdependent, unitary, global, where on privilege the value of the different, that we mark our position in this Brazilian vision of a new humanity, creative, open-minded, tolerant, receptive to new ideas and, above all, fraternal.

Holoassy Albuquerque


Only a virtual exhibition is available at this moment.